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: Family Connections
Shalom, I am the last survivor of the Raymond Shiller family. My parents were holocaust survivors who came to the USA in 1949. My father was from Wolkowisk Poland. My parents spoke very little about their lives before coming to the USA. I was told that they were unaware of any survivoring relatives on my paternal grandfather`s side. Imagine my delight when I discovered your kibbutz on the internet! I have no idea whether I have any familial connection to the kibbutz, but hope that your archives might shed some light. I would greatly appreciate any information you might have. I would be happy to provide any details I have, if that would be helpful. Thank you! Sharon M. Shiller Hartwell
Thank you so much for answering my email. While I am disappointed I did not
find lost relatives, it is good to have an answer
I enjoyed your website very much. When my son returns from summer camp, I will
definitely take him on a tour of the site. While it is not named after a
family member, I know the site will be special to my son.
Perhaps the next time in Israel I will stop to visit the kibbutz in person
Thank you, again
 Sharon Shiller Hartwell
4512 Burr Oak Ln
Minnetonka, MN

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